You ARE beach body ready

Have you seen it yet? All the magazines with advice on how to get a summer body.

Have you heard it yet? All the talk around the office of what diets will be starting when to get that bikini body.

Have you been sucked into it? Are you dreading the sun coming out to play because you feel like your body isn’t ready or isn’t entitled to join in on the fun?

I remember this so well, I mean, it was the way I have felt my entire life so it’s not something I’ll forget easily.

I spent my summers indoors as far as I could and when I was outdoors I was covered from head to toe and sweating my tits off.

Putting a costume on and going to the beach with the body I had was a foreign concept to me – I had to lose weight first. I had to look better first. Me and my body weren’t worthy of the sun and we certainly weren’t worthy of the freedom that came with going to the beach and wearing whatever the hell you want.

But before I knew it, I was 28 and had missed out on about 12 years of fun and experiences because I was waiting, but life wasn’t. My friends weren’t waiting for me to join them, the sun wasn’t holding out until I was ready to let it shine down on my skin, and life wasn’t stopping just because I wanted a smaller body.

Life is happening and not allowing yourself to live it because of how your body looks takes away time that none of us can get back. Summer isn’t waiting for your body to shrink, it’s not waiting for you to shed those last few kilos, and neither should you. You are ready for the sunlight right here, right now.

You can start small. Get comfortable wearing a cozzie around the house, wear a full costume if you’re not ready for a bikini. Just take baby steps to get you to the beach or the pool.

We deserve to not be afraid of summer, we deserve to enjoy it, no matter what body we will be experiencing it in.

Don’t let another summer pass and hope that by next year you will have the summer body you think you need.

You have a beach body, you have a bikini body, you have a frikken body so go out and enjoy it.

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