Why I’m so positive

I feel like my positivity has become a large part of my identity and it’s one of the things I love most about myself. It is also something that so many of you comment on so I thought I’d talk more about it and share why it means so much to me. 

I have openly spoken about my childhood struggles and I will continue to speak about them because it is my story and those struggles are a large part of who I am and I can say that proudly today. I also hope that my past, present or future story can help someone who needs it. If you would like to get up to speed I wrote this post, it covers a miniscule part of what I am referring to but you might have a better understanding as I go into why I’m so positive.

Besides being wired to be the person who answers with “be positive” or “stay positive” to just about any problem, I know that my positivity comes from not having another choice. Whenever things have seemed so bad that I felt as though I couldn’t go on I had a choice to make. To be positive or to sink further into a deep black hole. I always, always chose to be positive and I still choose it today.

I have my mom to thank for most of this – she taught me the power of positivity. But there was also something else. When there is literally no food in the fridge in the morning but there is somehow food on a plate that night or when you think this is it, this is the time I am going to break but then somehow your pieces start coming back together, you can’t help but feel like there is something or someone looking out for you.

Things were always hard, and they were stressful, even for me as a child who didn’t fully understand everything, I understood that we were extremely poor and that our life was not like anyone else’s that I knew. I knew when it was time to move and we didn’t know where we were moving to, I knew when we were going through an exceptionally bad period but I also knew that it would work out because I held onto hope and positivity.

This is now who I am, sure I get stressed and I don’t know what next but I never forget that I have gotten through way worse.

There are bad days, days where I want to say “I give up” but there is always a tiny voice inside of me reminding me that no matter what I have been through, it has always worked out, somehow. Not always for the better, but there was something in it – whether a lesson or opening a door that led to another door that eventually led to something good.

Everything that has happened to you has led you to this point in your life. I don’t know where you are in your life right now, and I doubt things are perfect BUT I am sure that you have achieved a lot and have a lot to be grateful for. Things that don’t go your way are happening for a reason – there is a better route for you. Trying times are making you stronger and preparing you for the next round of hardships. Life is never going to be eezy breezy but how you approach it can make all the difference.

It is so important for me to have something to hold onto when the going gets tough and for me that something is hope, faith and positivity because it gets me through. I don’t always know what tomorrow has instore for me and it sometimes drives me crazy but I always HOPE that it will be good and stay POSITIVE that even if it isn’t, it will all work out.


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