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The term self care/love isn’t always a popular word on the interwebs (it’s right up there with Bitcoin), I saw so many people saying they wish it would be left behind in 2017. I, on the other hand will hashtag the shit out of it and promote it at every chance I get.

The term gets thrown around too often, I agree, especially in marketing campaigns where a face mask, bubble bath or scented candle will “allow you to enjoy all the self care you need” .

Yes, time to pamper yourself is a form of self care but that’s not where it stops. It goes much deeper than that and I am walking proof that if you take the time to genuinely take care of yourself and your needs you can change your life.

That is a big statement I know, but I took a month at the end of 2017 to just stop, think, reevaluate, and do things for myself and it CHANGED my life.

Before I tell you about my month I want to share with you my understanding of self care.

Self care isn’t about taking a Saturday off from your kids or housework. It’s about listening to your mind and body, about deciding to change things that make you unhappy or have a negative impact on your mood and life. Saying no when you want to, not putting yourself into situations where you don’t want to be. Putting your well being before anything else, including money. Realizing that being so busy you can hardly think is not a measurement of success. Taking time off when you need it, talking about things when you need to, seeking help or advice when things get overwhelming. Putting yourself first when you need to.

Now that you get the idea, here are a few things I did that have made a big impact on my anxiety, my wellbeing, my moods and my life as a whole.

I started saying no. This was a biggie for me. I would never ever turn down an invite and if I did I would make up an excuse. I would never say no to helping someone even when I didn’t have it in me to even help myself.

I did more of what I wanted to and less of what I was expected to.

I chose my mental health over a pay cheque which was a major breakthrough for me. I thought I might regret it but no ragrets just yet.

I stopped trying to achieve a perfect body and made myself believe I already have a perfectly good body that works and has held me up through my entire life. I am still working on this, it is a daily struggle BUT I have never felt so free and at peace.


I chose to back away from friendships that didn’t have a positive impact on my life.

I asked for help when my anxiety got unbearable and have been treated and I haven’t had a bad episode since.

I spoke my mind more. If I was unhappy about something I said it. If someone hurt me I told them. If I wanted or needed something whether it was help or a loaf of bread, I asked.

I thought, I wrote, I spoke to myself and to others.

It has only been a month and a few days but I have laid the foundation and from this month I have seen what a good and positive life I can live if I consciously make an effort rather than drowning in negativity, fatigue and self pity. All of these self things – self care, self love, self esteem, they all take work but it is so worth it.


What are your thoughts on self care? The word and the action? What things have you done that have made a difference in your life?

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