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What My 29th Year Will Not Be

In case you missed it, it is my birthday month. I feel like my 28th year has been a huge one for me. I truly feel as though I have come into my own. I have found myself, I have learned to love her and I am so motivated I feel like I can take on just about anything (but please don’t test me on that).

I feel like now is a good time to reflect and while I don’t necessarily know what I want for the year ahead (I just know I want it be BIG) I do know what I don’t want so what better way to set it in stone and send it out to the universe than to write about it on here.

It will not be another year of me putting unnecessary deadlines and timelines on my life. I am going to try and accept the fact that I am exactly where I need to be. I am not in a race with myself or anyone else, I am not letting anyone down, and I am doing my best.

It will not be a year of me wasting time on materialistic things that don’t bring happiness, on people that cause more unhappiness than joy, on comparisons that bring no one but me down and on trying to make everything perfect when really, I know I can’t, because I am anything but a perfectionist. I am a beautiful mess and I have learnt to love that about myself.

It will not be a year where I put everyone else before myself. This is not selfish, it is the only way to be the best person I can be to others. “You can’t pour from an empty cup” or something like that.

I won’t be hiding myself from anyone or anything, anywhere. Who I am is on full display now, you like her or you look the other way.

What I really hope my 29th year will be is a year of growth, a year of making a mark in the world and the year of taking this blog and my dreams to the next level.

Do you like to reflect around the time of your birthday? And do you find that it helps put the next year on the right track?


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  • Stacy

    I love this Kerry! I wish that I had figured that out in my 28th year, but alas, it took me a bit longer! You are someone that I will encourage my daughter to follow when she one day gets onto social media – I want her to have as much positive influence as possible in her life as she begins navigating the way through teenage-hood to adulthood ?

  • Fay Gibson

    I always reflect when it’s my birthday, probably not in a positive way! I’m a natural born cynic and birthdays really drag that out of me. Turning 40 was like ‘woahhhhhhh’… I had a panic. It was a major time of reflection but it also propelled me forward into a much more positive space. l’m so glad you’ve found yourself at 28/29 years old; life’s too short for anything other than fully living.

    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      I completely agree – life is too short and I am so glad that I realized that now because I already have years of regret but can now look forward to years of living with total freedom within myself and my body.
      Thanks so much for reading my post

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