We’re on Kandidly Kerry 5.0 now I think

Funny story, at the beginning of the month I messaged my blog hostess with the mostess, Lizna, to shut this show down. I hadn’t written in months, I hadn’t visited it in months, and it was like this thing over my head.

Cue the lockdown.

The revival is obviously because I’m having a lockdown crisis. I felt the need to write the whole day. I wanted to start a new project. I contemplated starting the newsletter I’ve been speaking about or even starting fresh with a completely new blog and name (told you, complete meltdown happening over here). But eventually at 5.50pm on this Friday evening, day 1 of lockdown, I decided to request to revive this old space of mine.

So here we are…

To be honest, there are a few reasons I stopped blogging but the biggest one was that I got bored of my own voice AND I had nothing left to say on the various topics I was blogging about. I am constantly on some sort of growth journey. I want to be the best possible version of myself, I want to learn how to do new things things, I want to learn about new things, I want to try new things and I am basically just too curious and driven to stay in one place. You can’t put Kerry in the corner is basically what I am saying. And that is what I did.

I can’t be a niche blogger, I can’t be an influencer and I can’t always be consistent and I have accepted that now.

So yes, I say this again, welcome to Kandidly Kerry 5.0 where literally anything goes. Don’t expect specific content. Don’t expect well written and thought out posts. Basically just don’t expect anything haha.

Those of you who have been around for a while will know that I change things up at least 54 times a year. So if you’re still here, I thank you. If you are one of the people I bounce ideas off, I thank you. If you have whiplash from the amount of times I have changed the design of my blog, my content ideas, my mind, I apologise and thank you for your understanding.

So that’s it. No rules, no promises, no boxes, just me.

And yes, expect a design change.

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  • Lizna Erkelens

    I have the exact same problem with being consistent and nearly shut myself down a couple of times, but these days I do it like the mood strikes me!

  • Jonelle

    I love this. I can’t wait to read your voice.
    I stopped reading blogs because everything was so curated and I hate that. Bring on authentic writing!!

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