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To blog or not to blog

I am the first to admit that I am the worst blogger in the history of blogging. My inconsistency is gross, my inspiration is lacking, and my dedication is questionable. But I still can’t let go.

I was having a discussion with my husband recently and I said to him that words are the way to my heart. Obviously actions are important but there is just something so great about expressing feelings and thoughts through words. I just love words okay. Which was always the reason for starting my blog.

But then I started dedicating more time to Instagram which became my number one love. It still is in a way. But I feel as though my intentions with my space are clearer than ever. And with them being so clear I don’t know if Instagram should be my only focus because “influencer” is not the goal anymore. Numbers aren’t what matter. What this is all about is me, the annoying niggle in every part of my body that wants to constantly help others and my need to share my thoughts/word vomit all the time.

Right now, I don’t know how often I will write but I am hoping to get my blog groove back and get back into my space and drown out the outside noise and the bad habits you pick up along the way such as chasing all the things that don’t mean that much in the life I am trying to build for myself.

I really do miss the old days of blogging. When I first started reading blogs. It was so genuine, it was a space where people could really express themselves and perfection/curation was not even a box that needed to be ticked. It was just wherever words took you. I want to blog like that. So, to blog.


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  • Victoria

    I am feeling the exact same way about my blog. I was thinking of quitting all together. Maybe I still will. But just like you, words are a way to my heart as well. Not sure if I can let go yet.? there’s still so much I want to say on my blog.

    I still come back to yours every now-and-then whenever I need to feel like myself again. Looking forward to seeing you come back to your blog again.?

    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      It’s hard, but I think that’s because it’s not what it used to be so I am going to try my best to do my own thing. Maybe just take some time to figure out your new direction and then run with it. Don’t shut it down because you will want it back, trust me (been there, done that haha).
      Thank you, I am so glad you still visit, even though I am the worst blogger. That makes me want to carry on.

  • Thandazo

    Funny you say this, I have had blog post sitting in draft for over 3 months, my most recent post speaks about the reality of not being able to blog and create content as often as one can because LIFE! Anyway from one blogger to another, don’t give up blogging, when we started our blogs we were driven by passion more than what is driving most ‘influencers’ now. All the best!

  • Refiloe Leballo

    Why do I feel like there’s more word vomit where this post came from?

    I’ve been questioning the same thing for almost a year now and now that I’ve decided to give blogging my all again (my inconsistent, worst blogger of all time all lol), I’ve also been reading some of my favourite blogs more. I think as much as this space changes, there will always be room for genuine blogs with genuine audiences and we will always be here to absorb whatever you have to share, whenever you do. So glad you’ve chosen to blog!

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