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This is about more than likes for me

So I’ve been thinking… a lot.

I started Kandidly Kerry as a way to share my journey with whoever would listen. It was basically an online journal because I love writing and I love sharing. I will be honest in saying that amongst my goals when I started were to become a popular blogger and work with some fashion brands and do cool photoshoots and to get involved in events, along with creating an authentic and positive space and connecting with likeminded women, of course!

But it has since become so much more than that.

It is so much more than the number of likes on my Instagram pictures

It is so much more than working with brands

It is so much more than getting the perfect picture (although it’s always cool when you do)

It is so much more than being on the cool or popular list

It is so much more than I ever expected it to be

When I get a comment, DM, email, or shout out, it literally makes my heart burst. When I share a quote and someone replies “I needed this today”. When someone sends a message to say I have inspired them. When I received a message on my birthday from a new follower to say that she saw all the nice things everyone was saying about me and thought “she sounds cool, I need to follow her” I cannot tell you how happy it makes me. Not because people online like me, but because I am helping others by doing something that I love. I have found so much of myself in the 8 months that I have been doing this and the changes have been huge. I feel like myself, but a new self, a better self, I am ME!

So back to the part about thinking. I really want to take this further. I am not sure how yet but I feel as though this is my calling and I am SO ready to explore it.

I have said it many times but I will say it again. I have always felt like I was meant to do something big. It’s weird, but I just feel it with every fibre of my being and I now know what that something is. I am not sure where to next, I am not sure of anything except that this is my “thing”.

I saw this on Instagram this morning and if you know me, you know that I am all about finding meaning in everything so I will take this as my sign.

So I guess this is me saying that you can expect more of me and I will be trying harder to make this become something bigger than just another blog. I will just be over here thinking of what the next move is, but trust me, it will make a difference.

I also have to give a huge thanks to every one of you who reads what I have to say. As much as this journey is mine, you have all been a massive part of it.




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