These disgusting body standards

I am sure you have all seen this video or a similar one at some point and it may interest you but I find it disturbing and of course I am going to tell you why…

WHY has there been an “ideal body shape” for each era? Who decides that now is the time for a curvaceous body or an athletic body type? Why do they fill our heads with this nonsense? Who are they?

No wonder our minds are filled with so much confusion and so much hate towards our bodies, because we don’t know any better. Women have been told for years and years that this is how they should look and are basically pressured into it because that is what they are told and sold, that is what they see everywhere in the media.


So you see, the body image epidemic actually started from way back and today we still see it and are suffering for it. Each body type has had its “time to shine” according to this video but our bodies are not a trend, they are not something we can just dump when it’s “so last season”. Our bodies are of the most value, yet so many of us treat it like it’s just something that is never good enough.

There is no possible way we can keep up! How can one go from “heroine chic” to “Italian renaissance”? Why should we want to?

If you watch until the end you will see that plastic surgery is the answer to achieving the “post modern” beauty standards which means they are unrealistic! Thanks Kim K.

This video is a testament that it is virtually impossible to keep up so why do we continue to put the pressure on ourselves to try? How do we let “them” tell us that we are not good enough?

If your body is not where you want it to be, make the changes YOU want to make but don’t make it drastic, don’t do it satisfy others or their body ideals. Your body is your body and it works for you only. You can choose to love yourself, you can choose how you want to feel about yourself. Choose correctly!


So many women refer to their bodies or their stretch marks or their jiggly bits as disgusting, well I say that these beauty and body standards are disgusting!

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Let’s get the debate going? Let’s get the movement moving and lastly, let’s just share and spread the option of self love.

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