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The New Rules of Plus Size Dressing

Spoiler: There aren’t any!

Us fuller figured woman are no longer restricted to what we should, could and would wear. Body positivity, fat acceptance and plus size fashion movements are helping to break all the boxes we used to have to tick when dressing our bodies.

I have said it so many times before but I will say it again. Fashion guidelines and advice is great. Fashion rules have no place in my world because nobody can tell me what to put my body in.

So here is what I think about those rules

Stick to black because you’re fat

We should stick to black because it’s slimming right? WRONG. Sure, some colours make you look slimmer but you know what makes you look fantastic? Clothes that fit you well that you wear with confidence.

Don’t dare be bold

Stay away from bold prints, don’t attract too much attention to yourself, don’t wear anything see through, WHY? Because you don’t like my body???? Well I do so I will wear whatever I want to wear.

Just don’t wear that

Please don’t wear stripes because they make you look bigger. Our goal in life doesn’t always have to be to look smaller. We can wear the stripes and we can wear them well.

Buy bigger sizes

This isn’t actually a rule told to us by magazines but is what we tell ourselves. Bigger clothes make you look bigger so if your goal is to hide your body you’re not doing that. The better the fit the more flattering, remember that.

Don’t show skin

If it offends you, look away. We can and will show our skin if we want to, it is our skin to show. Crop tops aren’t only for flat bellies. Bikini’s aren’t only for small waists.

Boo bodycon

Figure hugging form fitting clothing shows your fat so no boo. Guess what??? My fat isn’t a secret. Everyone can already see it.

And I will end this off by saying…

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