The Life Changing Magic of putting my phone down

Maybe a bit of an exaggeration with that title but I’ve got your attention now right?

Let me start by saying that I am a social media addict. I spend hours online aimlessly scrolling. Taking in loads of information – sometimes helpful and inspiring and sometimes useless. Either way, it is hours of time spent on something that I enjoy, sure. But what about the other things I enjoy? And what about real life?

One Sunday afternoon, it was a day like any other. Sunny outside, the kind of winter sun that gives you the chills because it just feels so good when it hits your skin. Dressed in my pj’s and my hair in a bun. I sat on the couch and put my data off, put my phone down and picked up a book *shock, horror*

I haven’t read in months because as mentioned I have been otherwise occupied. I love reading, it is something I have enjoyed since I was a kid and it was always my escape and happy place but it took a back seat because I was hell bent on building up my “brand” on social media and staying in touch with everyone 24/7.

Anyway, back to that Sunday, I got sucked in immediately and finished the book that day. I was completely transported into someone else’s world for hours and it was the best escape. I wasn’t jumping at every beep I heard. I wasn’t thinking about what housework needed to be done. I wasn’t worrying about the week ahead. I was just in my element. I felt so relaxed, so rested and so peaceful.

I know this all sounds dramatic but it seems I had forgotten what life could be like when I am not attached to my phone. How much more time I could have. How much more I could do. How much more there is to enjoy.

I know I am not the only one. And I am definitely not saying I am quitting social media but I am going to be more mindful of the time I spend on it because I am pretty sure that half an hour here and there is useful but a whole evening of scrolling, then switching apps because you’ve seen everything and then coming back is definitely not useful or healthy!

You know the saying “living under a rock” well I feel like I’ve been living in my phone and there is a whole world out there waiting for me. I could be writing, I could be reading, I could be bingeing, I could be socializing, I could be playing with my dog, I could be doing so much more than what I am doing now.

There are warnings everywhere that social media is linked to anxiety, of which I suffer with. And while I have managed to fine tune my social media to be a source of inspiration and not a space that causes feelings of unworthiness or envy, that doesn’t mean that it’s not causing some sort of anxiety. When I’ve spent the whole day scrolling and haven’t gotten everything done that I needed to or when I feel like I have put in so much effort to grow my following and it’s going nowhere. That is definitely going to have a hand in my overall wellbeing and an effect on my anxiety.

That Sunday started a trend. I have now finished 2 books in less than a week, written several blog posts, spent time outside with my dog and I am feeling so much more at ease about the flow of my day and how I am using my time.

So less scrolling, more living for me. Are you in?

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