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When was the last time you took some time out? Besides December because that doesn’t really qualify as the most relaxing holiday does it? I am collaborating with Travelstart to help you make the most of the SA public holidays in 2018 and if you use the holiday cheat sheet I am sharing with you, you will have more than enough time to make it a proper holiday and book a flight to Cape Town, or wherever it is that you have been wanting to go.

The last time I went on holiday for pleasure was almost three years ago, it was for my honeymoon and it was amazing. But since then I have just been grinding away and haven’t really made an effort to even think about time off or a holiday.

I am that person who never takes leave unless I am really, really sick or if I have to do something important and even then it will be two days and those two days will be spent recovering from whatever sickness I have or doing something like sitting at home affairs. It is never to go on holiday or just rest and have fun.

But I learnt towards the end of last year that time out and time for yourself is so important. Yes, I read whenever I have a spare minute or have a nap on a Saturday afternoon or go to the beach to relax but that isn’t always enough. A good holiday where you sleep in a new bed and get to see different things every day is what you need or a good few days just to have the freedom to wake up at whatever time you want to, do anything that you feel like doing and having no sense of time and none of the usual daily responsibilities.

So because this is my year (yes, I have claimed it) and I am determined to follow those dreams I have put on hold for so long and learn to get the most out of myself and my life I am going to need proper time, time to relax, time for myself and time to regroup. I am probably jumping the gun but I already have my leave planned out thanks to this cheat sheet.


And now that I have shared it with you, get cracking with those leave forms because as soon as everyone figures out that you can take five days leave and get ten days off they will be jumping on the wagon too. If you plan on actually going on holiday then you can book cheap flights here.

*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart.


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  • Steph

    Hi Kerry, I just got back from 3 weeks on Mauritius. I highly encourage you to go there… It is amazingly beautiful and so much fun.
    Where do you think you’ll want to go?

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