• Life,  Self

    Practicing Self-Care Online

    The idea of self-care has risen in popularity and rightfully so because it is important. We run around like headless chickens most of the time so we need to look after ourselves and our mental health. I think many of us do practice self-care in real life but are we doing it online? The online world has become a large part of our lives and we spend more time on there than we realise because we often associate being online with being glued to social media but being online means reading articles or taking quizzes, doing research or shopping. What you are consuming online can have an effect on you…

  • Body

    How I got to where I am with my body

    I can remember feeling like I was fat from the age of 10. I always felt like I was the biggest one in my group of friends, which when I look back now, couldn’t have been further from the truth. We were all pretty much the same size, which means I was the average weight for my age but I didn’t see or feel it back then. It got worse as I got older and reached a very serious peak when I discovered my first set of stretchmarks at the age of 13. At the time I cried, I hated myself, I hated that this had happened to me. I…

  • Fashion

    Tips for buying denim jeans

    I work with denim all day, every day, so I like to think I know a thing or two about this popular choice of fabric. If you don’t know the ins and outs of denim, it can be so hard to find that perfect pair of jeans and you won’t even know why which is why I am going to share some of the secrets with you today. THE FIT/SPEC Most retailers do not use the same spec for every pair of jeans. This basically means if you walk into a store and see a hundred pairs of skinny jeans, not of all those skinny jeans will fit the same,…

  • Life

    January in review

    So here we are, at the end of the longest month of the year and I can, for once, say that I had a really good January. It all had to do with how I started the year off – with a completely new mindset, positivity pumping through my veins and a new found passion – this blog and my Instagram account. For my month in review posts I plan on sharing anything worth mentioning, whether it’s good or bad. Luckily this month it is going to be mostly good and I am honestly really grateful for that. So without further ado, here is my month in review (rhyming like…

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