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    Fashion Hacks you Should Know

    Considering I am walking around the office with my panties over my stockings and I haven’t had to pull the stockings up every few seconds I feel as though I am now qualified to do a fashion hacks post. You know those little annoyances like loving a jersey but it makes you itch? Or not being able to wear your favourite pair of shoes in case you might need to take them off and you won’t be able to able to disguise the smell? These hacks will help with that. I have tried most of these, and if I haven’t, my mom told me about them and she knows everything…

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    Where I Shop for Plus Size Clothes in SA

    Fashion is my number one. I love clothes, I love shopping, I love looking at and feeling clothes, shoes and accessories, I always have. There are at least a hundred people walking around who think I gave them a dirty look and “upped and downed” them because I was looking at their outfit and they caught me in the act. My idea of fun or “doing something” is shopping, always. So I like to think I know a thing or two about all of our retailers and where to get what (well what works for me anyway). As much as I say my idea of fun is shopping, I don’t…

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