• Fashion

    How I started my career as a fashion merchandiser

    When I left school I had no idea where I would end up because I didn’t have a clue where I wanted to go. And for a while not being able to further my education made me feel like I wouldn’t go anywhere. I walked out of high school and into a job, it was a shitty job that paid peanuts with a boss who I am pretty sure hired me because he had ulterior motives. I worked a maximum of three days a week and would finish everything that had to be done in the first two hours I was there. It was the worst. I then moved on…

  • Fashion

    Where I Shop for Plus Size Clothes in SA

    Fashion is my number one. I love clothes, I love shopping, I love looking at and feeling clothes, shoes and accessories, I always have. There are at least a hundred people walking around who think I gave them a dirty look and “upped and downed” them because I was looking at their outfit and they caught me in the act. My idea of fun or “doing something” is shopping, always. So I like to think I know a thing or two about all of our retailers and where to get what (well what works for me anyway). As much as I say my idea of fun is shopping, I don’t…

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