• Mind

    My Experience with 13 Reasons Why S2

    I never really understood trigger warnings, I mean I understood the importance and purpose of them, but I had never experienced any sort of trigger when watching or reading anything with a trigger warning, so I felt like I didn’t completely understand, until yesterday. I was the biggest fan of 13 Reasons Why season 1 and even told my husband when I started season 2 that I think it is my all-time favourite show. I loved how real it was and how it tackled serious issues that are often never shown, or if they are, are watered down in a typical high school movie where a girl gets bullied and…

  • Mind

    My anxiety story

    My biggest struggle with my anxiety, besides the actual anxiety was accepting that a mental illness could affect me so badly, physically, and because of this it has been a very long journey so I’m warning you, this is a long post. I can clearly remember the day when I realised there was something seriously wrong in my head. I was 19 years old and sitting at my desk at my first job after having had a massive fight with my boyfriend who is now my husband (he deserves a post dedicated to him for actually sticking with me through my worst times). I felt like I was going crazy,…

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