• Fashion

    Simple and Free Ways to Change up your Style

    I know that if I were a millionaire a large portion of that money would go on clothing. I just love everything about new clothes, the shopping experience, the deciding how to wear something new with stuff you already own, then wearing it for the first time. But for me the novelty of new clothing wears off really quicky, it’s not something I like because it means that I constantly want new which is obviously not affordable or attainable and it also means that a lot of my stuff doesn’t get worn properly. This is something I am trying to work on and I have found a way to shop…

  • Fashion

    My tips for wearing sneakers with a dress

    If you follow me on Instagram you will know that my uniform is basically a dress (my new found love) and sneakers (my all-time fave) and while this combo isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it is pretty much the foundation of my personal style. I had a few requests to give you some tips on how to pair the two because it can be quite a step out of the comfort zone and I totally get that but trust me, if you step out that zone you will know the true meaning of comfort. I had to think quite hard about these tips because I honestly never gave it much thought, I…

  • Fashion

    How I started my career as a fashion merchandiser

    When I left school I had no idea where I would end up because I didn’t have a clue where I wanted to go. And for a while not being able to further my education made me feel like I wouldn’t go anywhere. I walked out of high school and into a job, it was a shitty job that paid peanuts with a boss who I am pretty sure hired me because he had ulterior motives. I worked a maximum of three days a week and would finish everything that had to be done in the first two hours I was there. It was the worst. I then moved on…

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