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    How to Accept that Body Positivity is for You

    I think the biggest misconception about body positivity is that it’s for a certain type of body. I have had so many women of all shapes and sizes message me saying that they feel like it’s not for them or that they don’t feel like they can promote it or be part of it because they’re not fat. And this tells me that something is going wrong and that we need to check ourselves and make sure that we’re including everyBODY. I understand that the movement is predominantly promoted by fat people but that’s all the more reason why we need you! We need to spread the love to all…

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    Dear Body Shamer

    I wish you would think, I wish you would think before you say something about somebody else’s appearance. I wish you would think about how deeply the words you say can hurt and impact someone else. I wish you would think about how you would feel hearing those words that are on the tip of your tongue. I wish you would imagine the anger and pain you would feel if your child looked into your eyes with tears in theirs because someone has body shamed them. We all look in the mirror and more often than not don’t like what we see. We find the smallest things to critique. We…

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    Let’s talk body positivity

    First off it is really important that we all understand that the term body positivity isn’t exclusive to one body type. The common misconception is that it’s for the “fat” people but it is inclusive of all bodies, full figured, curvy, thin, flat chested, even disabled. Everybody deserves to feel good in their skin and to love and enjoy their body which leads to enjoying life, because most of us know how much self hatred and a body complex can limit us in our daily lives. My body and my self esteem issues limited me for years. I avoided any costume or bikini situation which meant I didn’t go to…

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    These disgusting body standards

    I am sure you have all seen this video or a similar one at some point and it may interest you but I find it disturbing and of course I am going to tell you why… WHY has there been an “ideal body shape” for each era? Who decides that now is the time for a curvaceous body or an athletic body type? Why do they fill our heads with this nonsense? Who are they? No wonder our minds are filled with so much confusion and so much hate towards our bodies, because we don’t know any better. Women have been told for years and years that this is how they should look…

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    I put my costume on and didn’t hate it

    I have always agreed that every body is a summer body and whole heartedly encouraged everyone to just suck it up (not suck it in) and put that costume on and not give a shit about anyone else. Everyone, except myself of course. Up until last year I didn’t even own an “adult” costume, by adult costume I mean the last cozzie I owned was in my teens because I gave up on fun in the sun when I gained some extra kilos. Let’s skip to the exiting part – it was hot, I wanted to tan (also a first) so I put my costume on and looked in the…

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