Simple and Free Ways to Change up your Style

I know that if I were a millionaire a large portion of that money would go on clothing. I just love everything about new clothes, the shopping experience, the deciding how to wear something new with stuff you already own, then wearing it for the first time.

But for me the novelty of new clothing wears off really quicky, it’s not something I like because it means that I constantly want new which is obviously not affordable or attainable and it also means that a lot of my stuff doesn’t get worn properly.

This is something I am trying to work on and I have found a way to shop my closet and wear things differently so that I don’t get bored of them. It is forcing me to get creative and actually have fun with fashion rather than run to the shops every time I feel like I want something exciting to wear.

So I am going to share a few ways I am changing up the things that I already have to make it more fun.

Knot it

I have always been a fan of a knotted tee but only recently started doing it myself and it has just done something for me, I feel bolder (probably because I am not trying to hide my body under the tee shirt anymore) and it makes my outfits more fun. The knotted tees inspired me to try and knot other items such as my kimonos and skirts and that was a game changer.

Tuck it

Again, I only recently started tucking in my tops and t shirts because I was always trying to hide my stomach but now I just don’t care (well sometimes I do but mostly I don’t). There are quite a few different ways you can tuck your shirts and while the difference it makes is small, it still gives you a bit of variety. Here is a video for some ideas.

Roll it

Roll up your sleeves, roll up your pants. A denim jacket looks effortlessly cool when rolled up and a blazer with rolled up sleeves is super chic.


Belt it

Add a belt at your waist. Not only does it give definition to your waist but it also changes the whole look of your outfit. You can put a belt over anything, a jersey, a jacket, a dress and even a pants suit if want to.

Layer it

Since its winter we can layer. Wear a jersey over a dress and you have what looks like a skirt. Put a jersey under your spaghetti strap slip dress. This not only changes your look but allows you to wear some of your summer items during winter.

What are some of your tips for changing up your style without actually shopping?

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