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Practicing Self-Care Online

The idea of self-care has risen in popularity and rightfully so because it is important. We run around like headless chickens most of the time so we need to look after ourselves and our mental health. I think many of us do practice self-care in real life but are we doing it online?

The online world has become a large part of our lives and we spend more time on there than we realise because we often associate being online with being glued to social media but being online means reading articles or taking quizzes, doing research or shopping.

What you are consuming online can have an effect on you so you need to practice the same self-care online as you do IRL.

Start by curating your social media feeds. I know I harp on about this and so does everyone else but it really can be the difference between inspiration and discouragement. If you’re going to spend time on social media then you may as well make that time count right? Follow people that inspire you or that make you feel good or that you make you laugh. Unfollow the people who make you feel crap about yourself, or your life, or your body. Unfriend the negative Nancy who brings you down. Make it your own little positive space.

Then move onto the other things you are consuming online. Are the news articles making you feel anxious or worried? Do you have a balance between good and bad? (I would highly recommend good things guy for a daily read to make you feel good). Are you getting something valuable or gaining anything from the sites and blogs you are spending time on? Find places to go on the internet that offer value, that you can resonate with, that make you feel good, teach you something or motivate you.

So now we need to deal with emails. That awful Gmail app that has 598390383 unread emails.! Use Unsubscribe and get rid of all that spam. Unsubscribe from that holiday destination you keep getting emails from because you entered a competition once five years ago. I always feel so much more clear headed when I have sorted out my inbox. If you’re trying to be healthy, unsubscribe from the restaurant/takeaway special notifications. If you want to save money and love online shopping then avoid the temptation and unsubscribe.

Last but not least, we need to discuss WhatsApp etiquette. I think most of us can agree that we feel an unnecessary amount of pressure from this app. How soon do you need to reply? Avoiding going online because you don’t want to be caught online because you’re avoiding replying to someone. Its BS guys. Turn your read/receipt settings off. You don’t need to see when people have read it and sit by your phone waiting for a reply and they don’t need to see when you’ve read it. It really adds extra stress that nobody needs. Also, just let people be. Don’t expect a reply immediately. Don’t be sensitive and think you are being ignored because someone hasn’t replied in 0.2 seconds. Don’t @ me haha.

That’s it from me. What ways do you think you can practice self-care online? And will you be taking my advice?

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