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    29 Things I’ve learnt in 29 Years

    So the big three oh is approaching and I’m not even mad. I find myself coming towards myself with age so it can only get better as the number gets bigger right? My twenties were a time of self-doubt, confusion, low self-esteem, experimentation, healing, growth and so much more. And if I could go back the only thing I would change is the time I wasted trying to be someone who I was never meant to be. Fortunately I now know who I am and I had to go through those years to get to where I am now. So here are the lessons that I feel are worth mentioning…

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    Being Sexy in the Body you have

    I think most of us have this perception that our body is what makes us sexy, and the body that we need in order to be sexy is the porn star body or the magazine cover body but that couldn’t be further from the truth because guess what…. YOU is what makes you sexy! There is no blueprint for sexy. Sexy doesn’t come in one shape or one size and it definitely doesn’t have one type of look. Sexy is a feeling that comes from inner confidence. I am speaking like I am a pro at being sexy and seductive and like I know it all, trust me when I…

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    Practicing Self-Care Online

    The idea of self-care has risen in popularity and rightfully so because it is important. We run around like headless chickens most of the time so we need to look after ourselves and our mental health. I think many of us do practice self-care in real life but are we doing it online? The online world has become a large part of our lives and we spend more time on there than we realise because we often associate being online with being glued to social media but being online means reading articles or taking quizzes, doing research or shopping. What you are consuming online can have an effect on you…

  • Fashion

    Simple and Free Ways to Change up your Style

    I know that if I were a millionaire a large portion of that money would go on clothing. I just love everything about new clothes, the shopping experience, the deciding how to wear something new with stuff you already own, then wearing it for the first time. But for me the novelty of new clothing wears off really quicky, it’s not something I like because it means that I constantly want new which is obviously not affordable or attainable and it also means that a lot of my stuff doesn’t get worn properly. This is something I am trying to work on and I have found a way to shop…

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    A Woman Changed

    I have ginger hair. And yes, that kind of changed my life enough to write this blog post, to re-do the whole look of my blog, Instagram account and my “brand” and think about even bigger life changes. It has brought out something in me that was missing. Let’s discuss shall we? I lost my dad a little over a month ago. He lost his fight with his brain tumor and I am still dealing with all the emotions that come with grief, but deep down I am happy for him because he fought long and hard and he deserved his peace. Now I just need to make peace with…

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