Plus Size Shopping: Spree

I have this vision of being your plus size go-to girl. I want to be the one you think of when you need a splash of body positivity, the one who you ask for suggestions on where to shop for an event or recommendations on where to buy particular clothing. I wrote a post on where I shop plus size…

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To New Beginnings

I have mentioned it so many times so I am sure you all know that I am moving. And it’s happening this weekend to be exact. I am not moving far but it is a big move because we are going from our one bedroom starter granny flat into a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom granny flat. And it just so…

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Body, Life

Our Bodies and the Bedroom

Most of us, if not all of us, have at some point, felt self conscious about our bodies in the bedroom. What’s meant to be something pleasurable and often special between two people can very quickly become your nightmare because you hate your body and therefore think your partner hates your body too. So you dim the lights or even switch…

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