My Washing Machine is on Lockdown too

As of this morning, day 2 of 21 in lockdown, I don’t have a working washing machine. Yes, I threw a tantrum and yes, we tried to fix it, but I think we need a new part.

The irony is that just before lockdown I saw a woman on Facebook, we’ll call her Susan, complaining about the laundromat not being open during lockdown and I thought, “there’s bigger things to worry about and you can just stomp your clothes if need be”. Well now I wish I could go to the laundromat. And I will have to stomp.

On the list of things you don’t want to break during a lockdown, a washing machine certainly isn’t right at the top, there could be worse things to break right?! While the answer is yes, I find no comfort in this because I had plans. I planned to wash all the curtains, I actually planned to put everything I possibly could in that machine while I had the time. The machine knew this and quickly decided nope.

So to Susan, I’m sorry I judged you so harshly and we’re in this together now.

I know there are still bigger things to worry about and there are much worse problems to have right now but there’s no denying it really sucks. I know anyone reading this will be happy it’s not them. But I will try and have an attitude of gratitude for everything I do have and everything that is still working hard, like my appetite.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances there are new rules in our house:

  1. No unnecessary changing of clothes.
  2. Stick to underwear only where possible, this requires a lot less stomping action.
  3. Don’t expect each other to look our best because OOTDs are limited to maximum 2 items. If underwear can be included in that, even better.
  4. No bra shall be worn, this is an unnecessary addition to the washing pile.
  5. Turns will be taken to do the stomp dance. Points for creativity while doing it.

So stay tuned for my stomping videos because that’s my life for the next while. I might even down a drink or five while doing it because that’s my life for the next while.

I have nothing left to say, except, give your washing machine some love.

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  • Refiloe

    I’m so sorry about your washing machine! I would die twice! The new house rules are absolutely hilarious though, and number 2 almost made me fall off my chair!

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