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I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to design my very own tee shirt with Thatgirlstore. I wanted to make this opportunity count and use it to continue spreading a message that I feel so strongly about.

For more than half of my life I struggled with body issues which made me deeply unhappy and led to me resorting to some pretty unhealthy methods to try and be happy with my body.

When I stopped all of the diet tablets, all of the unhealthy obsessions with my body and what it should and shouldn’t look like, and started working on who I am rather than who I thought I needed to be my life changed.

From this change came so many opportunities and I found my voice, and this blog, my Instagram account and this tee shirt are all a part of that voice. It’s a voice that I want to be heard and a voice I truly believe can do good so I really hope you will help me share that voice as far and wide as possible.

About the message

Obviously I feel very strongly about owning our bodies and not trying to change them for anyone. Life is way too short to be covered up at the beach because you are embarrassed about your body or to miss out on fashion or fun or opportunities because of your body. I also find it highly irritating that anyone thinks they have a say over your body so I think those four little words say so much.

About the design

I love stripes but stripes also happen to be on the “red” list when it comes to plus size fashion. It is always right on top of the “what not to wear if you are fat” articles in magazines or online so those 2 stripes are my middle finger to anyone who thinks they can tell us what to wear.

About Thatgirlstore

This lovely store is helping bloggers design their very own merchandise which is a pretty big deal and the first store to do that for us bloggers in SA. Along with blogger merch they are constantly coming up with fashion items to wear with your tee such as winter wraps and cool ribbon laces for your sneakers (which you OBVIOUSLY have to wear with your tees).

About the sizing

This is the first tee Thatgirlstore has launched that goes up to a size 22 and at no extra cost.

Now that you know all the details – Say it loud and say it proud with my limited edition tee which you can purchase over here. I would appreciate the support not just for me but for the movement.

And this is your very important reminder that your body is your business.

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  • Lizna Erkelens

    Love it! You are such an inspiration to me and my own body. I remember the first post on instagram where I really noticed your message was the one with you in your bathing suit. I once had no choice but to walk in mine past the entire PE rugby team on the beach and I made eye contact with no one! (A rogue wave wet my clothes and the wind was cold ?) Now I’d probably be like heey.

    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      awww thank you so much hun, this comment really made my day! I am so glad that I can inspire you and I am so glad that we met because you have become so special to me!
      And I love that, heeeeey!

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