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My Advice for Dressing Curves

As much as I love fashion and experimenting with different styles and fits I am by no means an expert on specifically dressing for your body shape, and I am also very much of the belief that you must dress how you want and how you feel comfortable. No body shape guide is ever a “one size fits all” because every body is unique. These guides may be helpful but they can also be harmful which is why I personally feel like we need to make our own rules and dress according to our mood, our preferences, or the occasion, and not according to a guide.

So with that being said, I wanted to share some advice on dressing curves – these are not rules, they are tried and tested ways that I have found work for me and could maybe help you.

Baggy isn’t always best

We all do it – wear oversized clothes to camouflage our body and hide the belly but this can have the opposite effect that you are going for – it can make you look bigger than what you are and shapeless.

I want to show you an example of what I mean.

This is the same outfit, the top is obviously too big and therefore I look like a sack of potatoes in the first image. I knotted the exact same top in the second image and BAM! I look like a curvy goddess (play along).

Good underwear

Now that I am seeing more pictures of myself and trying so much on I can see the difference that good underwear makes. A supportive bra will show and give you a confidence boost.

Try on different sizes

Not every size 20 is the same, even within the same retailer. Also, if you try on different sizes you might find you prefer the fit of something in a bigger or smaller size. Just because you are usually a size 20 doesn’t mean that you are married to that size.

Embrace your curves

Trying to hide curves doesn’t work because of what I mentioned above about looking like a sack of potatoes but also because even though you are trying to hide, everyone can see your size. There is only so much you can camouflage so instead of trying to hide behind your clothes, learn to embrace those curves.

Wearing unflattering and baggy clothing is not the recipe for feeling good about yourself. Clothing that accentuates and fits your body beautifully will transform you.

Fabrics are your friend

Knowing what fabrics you like — and which fabrics you totally hate against your skin — will make shopping and dressing a lot easier.

Wear what you want

Lastly, if you like something, wear it. Chances are you will look a helluva lot better in something you like than something you were told to wear by an article online. Sure guidelines and tips are helpful but they don’t have to be your style bible.

Fashion is meant to be fun and a form of self-expression so don’t let your body hold you back from experimenting.

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