May In Review

So we are officially half way through the year and what a year it has been so far. There has been so many ups and downs jam packed into the first six months that I am scared and excited for the next six.

May has been good to me, it was a month of change, some unexpected and some planned, all of which were needed and most welcome.


I know you are probably so sick of hearing me talk about my move but it is the biggest and best thing that has happened for us in a long time. Besides that, I feel such a sense of pride at how far I have come and that I actually have a big and beautiful home that is all mine (and Chase’s). This is the sort of stuff that I dreamt of when growing up and now it’s a reality.

Besides the move, Chase also got a new job which he starts in June. This again is something that needed to happen and that I hoped and prayed for, for so long. I am excited for him to spread his wings and learn new things and most importantly, grow.


Kandidly Kerry is growing and opportunities are coming my way. I got my first campaign, I got my first sponsored item and most importantly I have gotten to know more people and their stories. I have been inspired by others, I have been inspired to do better and I have so many ideas floating around.


I am adulting so hard at the moment! After putting it off for years, I finally bit the bullet and did my learners. And again, I was proud of myself for working towards overcoming one of my biggest fears.


I am an optimist and generally always try to look on the bright side but there are moments in life where you realise just how important positivity and your attitude is. You get what you give, what you put out there comes back, and if anything, everything that happened in May has proven this to me again.

So that’s about it for May I think. I am looking so forward to seeing what June has in store.

How was your May?

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