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Is my body positivity an excuse for being unhealthy?

This is a topic that is always flying around and everyone has their own opinion about whether or not body positivity actually promotes an unhealthy lifestyle because it is an “excuse” being labelled as a movement.

I thought I would touch on this from my point of view and my journey (mine only). This is not to say that anyone on their own journeys, whatever they might be, is right or wrong because our journeys are personal, and that’s kind of the point of this post.

It is no secret that I have lost and gained and lost and gained a lot of weight. I have tried everything, I have been involved in sponsored programmes and I have paid for memberships to weight loss classes. I have literally done it all.

So let’s address the elephant in the room;

Have I failed?

Am I just lazy and using this as an excuse?

Have I given up?

No, no and HELL YES! YES I have given up on living a restricted, obsessive life.

I have absolutely NO shame in admitting that I have given up on something because this something happens to be the ONE thing that kept me back from everything I wanted, needed and dreamt of. It was the only thing that stood between the life I had and the life that I want and deserve.

That might sound dramatic, but is it?

Finding body positivity and realising the freedom that comes with it, is something that I could never have found in a number on a scale. When you spend YEARS of your life searching, searching for happiness, searching for love and acceptance, searching for a way to find that inner peace that you so desperately want and you just never find it, you have to know that you are searching in the wrong place.

Putting everything I had into something that can so easily fluctuate meant that what I so badly wanted – which was happiness and confidence – was going to fluctuate with it.

Body positivity is not my excuse to be unhealthy – sure, I am not getting up at 5am in the morning to gym and I am not meal prepping every weekend but that doesn’t mean that I am not trying to live a balanced lifestyle. Just because I am not advertising my workouts does not mean they are not happening which brings me to my next point.

Body acceptance is about loving the body you have right now and right now is all we have, but right now is not forever. You see me as I am right now, loving the shit out of my body and parading around in clothes I never thought I would, but this might not be my body in a years’ time. But where my body is in a years’ time in my business. I am on a journey and that journey is definitely not straight and narrow and I have no idea where I will end up but at least I know that I will get to experience everything FULLY along the way because I am not distracted by self-doubt, numbers and all those things that once had the biggest hold on me.

In other words, I am living right now in the body I have and I have thrown away the scale because even if and when I decide to maybe lose a few, it will never again be to reach a number, whether that number is on a scale or a size tag. That is the one promise I have made myself. I haven’t promised to keep eating until I can’t eat anymore, I haven’t promised that I will never set foot in a gym but I will not give those numbers any power over me, ever again.

Right now, I am happy. Right now, I am on the most beautiful journey with my body and mind that I have ever been on, there is absolutely NO WAY that I am failing.

I hope that you may have needed to read this and that it can help you in some way. I hope that if you have been feeling down about your weight or what people are thinking of you, that this makes you feel better in some way.

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  • Lisa

    It is like you are reading my mind!

    What a relief to finally admit that dieting could never be the way to fall in love with ourselves.

    Thank you for shining a light on your journey and allowing us to see this side of the story. I am learning so much from you!

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