I chat to the Superbalist Womenswear Buyer

Following the launch of the Superbalist label I got the opportunity to chat to the Superbalist Womenswear buyer, Hildegarde Human. It was my chance to ask all those burning questions we have about buying fashion because who doesn’t want to know all about buying clothes professionally right?

I included some of your most popular questions and I asked what we, as consumers, need to be doing to get the stuff we want online, the answer is below.

How do you buy for the different age groups? Young vs old? 

Our products are selected based on the customer profiles that we have and the established brands on offer. Together with the creative teams, buying planners and managers, the best ranges are put forward for each customer profile, be it moderate or trendy. On the branded items, we play to each brand’s strengths. For example, the MIssguided brand would be targeted to a younger, edgier customer vs New Look that is for the more moderate customer. 

How do you determine what to buy? 

Buying the correct range is determined by a few factors, namely trend and design.

Is it risky to buy into trends for plus size fashion? 

Not at all, there are many trend driven ladies out there which fall under the plus-size category. As long as the product fits well and looks great.

How do you know what to buy for future seasons?

Trend directors do intense research on global trends and print direction for the season and present these to the business. Together with the past sales replenishments and styling updates for the season, these trends are interpreted commercially into our range.

Are you plus size yourself? 

Yes, I am plus-size and relate very much to fuller figured girls, and I always have. I always felt like stores never catered for my style, I could at the time shop main range bigger sizes but as I got older I needed better fitting trendier clothing and found it difficult to find. I now shop the Superbalist private label brand all the time 🙂

What are your tips when it comes to plus size women finding the right size and clothes for their body? 

This goes for all women not just plus-size, but it really really makes life easier when you know what your real size is. Get measured, ask a friend to help and make use of the size guides Superbalist offers!

Please can you explain why plus size clothing is more expensive than straight? 

Some retailers, not all, increase their prices on extended sizes as fabric costs more to make a bigger garment. We try our best here at Superbalist not to isolate any customers due to size and will work hard to give all women product at the same price.

Do you think the plus size fashion market is going to grow?

I do indeed! Women are becoming more confident and happier with their bodies. Remember that being a bigger girl is no indication of health status. Some girls are bigger and the social stigma is reversing and everyone can now dress exactly how they want 

What items sell really well?

Trendy, comfortable,easy wearing styles that compliment your body 

How do you think we as plus size fashion consumers can have a say in what we would like to see on offer?

Get connected with your retailer! We want to know what you think and we want your opinion! Reach out on social media, send an email to customer care. Our customers are most important to us.

Please describe the plus-size offering in the Superbalist label? What can we expect to see in the coming months? 

The range is / has been developing to serve all our customers needs from trend to more classic to young and fresh to low-key and simple. Well-made styles at reasonable prices

What are your favourite plus size items on offer currently from the new Superbalist label?

See below:

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Have you shopped the range? What are some of your favourite pieces?

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