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How to Accept that Body Positivity is for You

I think the biggest misconception about body positivity is that it’s for a certain type of body. I have had so many women of all shapes and sizes message me saying that they feel like it’s not for them or that they don’t feel like they can promote it or be part of it because they’re not fat. And this tells me that something is going wrong and that we need to check ourselves and make sure that we’re including everyBODY.

I understand that the movement is predominantly promoted by fat people but that’s all the more reason why we need you! We need to spread the love to all bodies, we need to be less judgmental of all bodies, we need to teach each other to love our bodies and all bodies.

There is no weight requirement, there are no guidelines, it isn’t by invitation only, the only rule is that you accept every body. It doesn’t have a face or a figure, it’s me, it’s you, it’s your teen daughter, it’s your mom.

So now that we’ve cleared that up, I want you to accept that the movement is for you.

Yes, YOU!

You deserve it. We all deserve it. There is no one who is more deserving. You don’t have to reach any sort of body goals before you deserve it. You don’t have to reach any point before you can embrace it.

Why would you think that everyone else but you deserves it? Because of the exact reason that we even need the movement. Because we have been made to feel like we are only beautiful at a certain size and that being worthy looks a certain way.


You don’t need validation from me or anyone else. You don’t need to make sure you “fit” in. What you need to do is start actively working on replacing all your negative feelings and emotions towards yourself and your body with positive feelings. Look at yourself with less judgement. Be kind to yourself like you would your best friend. And then start looking others with less judgment and be kinder to them.

It won’t happen overnight and even when you reach the stages of saying “hey world, this is me, take it or leave it”, you will still have days where you think to yourself the world should just hang you out to dry because you’re so ugly only your mother can love you. And that’s okay. You can’t undo something that has been shoved down your throat all your life in a few days, weeks or even years, but you can keep trying.

So this is where I want to extend an invitation to you. Fat, slim, overweight, underweight, disabled, body lover or body fighter, you are all welcome here and we will do this together.



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