How I’m going to do winter fashion on a budget

I absolutely love winter fashion and I usually look so forward to shopping for the season but I am doing it differently this year because I am going all budget bad ass on my life, you can read all about it here.

So I am going to be wearing what I have and will try and push through winter without buying much.

I have taken stock of what I have and have browsed Pinterest for hours on end to find new ways of styling things that I already have and to get inspiration.

This is how I plan on doing winter outfits on a budget;

Don’t ditch the dresses

I bought a lot of dresses this summer so instead of letting them hang around till next summer, I am going to pair them with tights, jackets and scarves to get more use out of them and to have more options.

Button up, or down

Button up shirts are really versatile and such a staple. You can wear them under a jersey, over a dress, with any bottom. You can wear them open, knotted at the front, or obviously closed.

Tee shirts

I am SO into tee shirts at the moment and I am taking that into winter with me. I absolutely love the look of a tee shirt paired with a more formal jacket or coat and some earrings so I’ll be trying that out.

All the accessories

Accessories are the easiest and most affordable way to change things up. Scarves are an obvious winter staple but I also want to go for big statement earrings and necklaces to finish off my casual looks.


I am going to experiment with layering. A long sleeve shirt under a tee, button ups under jerseys, jackets over cardigans.

From that thrift store down the road

Thrifting isn’t for everyone but I enjoy it. There are a few key pieces I want that I am pretty sure I will find at thrift stores. Of course, thrifting doesn’t always mean cheap but I will set a strict budget.
P.S I literally have a thrift store down the road from my office. If you live in Durban and know of any amazing thrift shops, let me know.

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I hope that through my outfit of the day pictures on Instagram I can show you that you don’t need a big budget or a lot of money to dress well or to feel good about yourself (I am teaching myself that it comes from within and not from clothes).

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    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      Thanks Nikki 🙂
      That’s another great idea. I don’t have too many fitted ones but it can look really cool.

  • Simone Cameron

    My mom loves budget shopping…and she gets annoyed with me for paying R400 plus for an item of clothing. She went and got me very cute dresses for R80 at some shop I’ve never heard of. She spent maybe R300 for 4 or 5 dresses…I’m pairing that with leggings and I’m good for winter. I’m not selling my soul for clothing this winter!

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with Kerry!

    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      Thanks Simone, I am not selling mine either.
      If you shop around you can get such good bargains and if you are creative you can get through with just a hand full of clothes.
      The biggest test for me is going to be to keep wearing the same things over and over again.

  • Alet

    Love these tips (here in Pretoria) but, perhaps just one small observation – you live in Durban – there’s obviously no need to worry about winter in Durban! ?


    GURRRRRLLLLL…I’m so jumping on this no-buy bandwagon…there is so much happening at the mo and hubby and I are working towards a huge, life changing goal so clothes budgets unfortunately is out of the question…anyhoo…love love lurv the new look and love this post…let’s do this mamasita mwah!

    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      Yesssss, join me. We will make waves with our gorgeous budget outfits!
      Good luck with your goals, I am also on a mission girl.

    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      Thanks darling, I’m excited to get a bit more creative!
      Tees are definitely going to my staple.

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