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I have dipped my toe in the blogging pool a few times and enjoyed it each time but never quite stuck to it. I either put way too much pressure on myself and got completely sucked into the madness of the blogging world, or I got too busy and just couldn’t keep up with my blog and felt like I was disappointing my readers and gave up. There was also a stage where I was hella confused as to what to blog about and ended up just doing a shit job of it. So, if you were one of my readers before and have actually come back then welcome back and thank you for giving me another chance. If you are new here then I guess that intro isn’t exactly going to encourage you to stick around or visit again, but I do have a new plan of action and I am going to make it work this time.

So I am back at it again because I need an outlet. I can’t promise the best writing skills or the prettiest pictures but I can promise that this will be raw, honest and relatable because that’s my vibe. It’s what I enjoy doing and how I make sense of my feelings and life.

So now that’s out the way you are probably wondering what I will be blogging about? Well, whatever I want to, because it is a personal blog and I am doing it for me this time so I hope you enjoy word vomit and oversharing. I will of course be touching on topics that I am passionate about and will probably have a good old rant or two (those are my favourite).

That’s all I really have to say for my first post (off to a great start Kerry) but you should visit again because there will be a new post every week and if I really have something to say then maybe more.


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