Hacks for buying plus size clothing online

Shopping online is daunting for most of us, but I think more so when you’re plus size because fit is always a worry. It’s not only about whether or not the item is going to fit but HOW it is going to fit. And speaking from personal experience my regular size isn’t always my size because of how I prefer different items to fit.

So combine our anxiety over fits and the price we pay for our clothes and we naturally prefer to shop in store BUT online is the way of the future and many of the best shops are online only such as Superbalist which is a great place for plus size clothing.

So we obviously want to be able to order with as much knowledge as possible. I have learnt some ways to get around the anxiety of ordering online so I am going to share the hacks with you.

Know your measurements

Most, if not all online stores have a measurement chart which is the best way to decide your size. Get to know your own measurements. Having the right measurements rewards you with a great fit.

Get to know your fabrics

Check the fabric compositions of your clothing. Make lists of the fabrics you like and don’t like. I personally love viscose so when I see something is in viscose I know I will like it and I also sort of know how the fabric fits my body and therefore helps me decide on my size. It also helps to know whether something has stretch in it or not.

Here is a little breakdown of some of the most common fabrics

Cotton: Loved for its breathability which makes it cool in summer but also warm in winter. The higher the cotton percentage the better the quality.

Linen: This is a natural fibre and is also very breathable. A lot more durable than cotton and usually tailors well. It isn’t stretchy so keep that in mind.

Viscose: This fabric drapes really nicely and is a great alternative to silk because it doesn’t cling to the body as much. It has a soft handfeel and is often blended with other fabrics. Depending on the composition some viscose will have a bit of stretch in it.

Elastane: Elastane is usually blended with another fabric to give it a bit of stretch and to keep shape. Lycra is the premium sister of elastane so if you see that on the composition then know the item has some stretch in it.

Polyester: This is the all-rounder of fabrics. It is blended in with other fabrics to extend their use. It also helps with creasing.

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Think about how you plan on wearing it

9/10 I size up in a tee shirt because I like to wear them baggy and have room to knot them. So I always think about all the different ways I would want to wear the item and then decide on how I want it to fit and select a size.

Buy one in every colour

When you find something that you absolutely love the fit of, buy it in more colours. Especially when it comes to things like jeans. There is nothing wrong with owning the same pair of jeans or jacket in every colour. If it fits well then it is worth it.


The greatest style hack there is what you bring to the look. Own your look. Love your look. And love yourself.

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