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F@#k Perfect

I took longer to try and come up with a title for this post than the whole post took me to write but in the end it was actually quite simple – I am so done with trying to be perfect and f@$k it, I’m done! And this post is my declaration of that.

I realised a long time ago that I wasn’t a perfect person and that life wasn’t perfect but that hasn’t stopped the struggles, the perfect body struggles, the perfect home struggles, and more recently, the perfect Instagram account struggles.

I am a messy person – my mind is always cluttered, my house is never clean for longer than 5 minutes after my domestic has been there, I am lazy with admin-y things, I don’t take nice photos, I try to decorate my house Pinterest style but it always look more like an episode of Hoarders than the cover of an interior magazine, so WHY did I think I could be that person who does everything on Instagram perfectly?

If you scroll through my account you will see my Instagram account struggles – I have changed my colour scheme, I have changed my theme, I have gone without a theme but then gone back to one. It is a total representation of my struggle with trying to be the perfect Instagrammer.

I have also downloaded and then uninstalled Lightroom more times than I can count on my one hand, I have spent hours on Pinterest finding VSCO presets only to try them on my below average pictures and they look like nothing like they do on Pinterest, but let’s be honest, is anything on Pinterest even achievable?

I know you’re thinking, not so Kandid now are you? But all I was trying to do was be part of the “feed goals” squad. I never wanted to over edit my pictures, I just wanted my feed to attract people so that more people will get my message and join my little community. But I can’t do it, and I am finally okay with that (hopefully? If you see something going on there, remind me about this post okay?).

I love a beautiful and curated feed, and I have SO much respect for those who manage it but it’s not for me and it is doesn’t fit in with what I am trying to achieve overall.

So what you can expect from my feed is for it to be all over the place, much like me. And I’ll be here convincing myself that you will find it “refreshing”.

“The thing that is really hard and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning to work on being yourself”.

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  • Janine Papier

    As soon as you told me you had a new blog post, I came rushing over to read it. The message behind the post is absolutely true. The world is too concerned with the word perfect. Whenever I feel that I need to be a certain way I will always remember these two words “PERFECTLY IMPERFECTLY”. Tha’ts what you are “PERFECT”.

    Love You and Your Blog…(Okay, Im done fangirling….for now)


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