February in review

I don’t even know where to start this post because I had such a positive start to the year and I thought the tone had been set but that was ignorant wasn’t it? Because realistically life is never smooth sailing.

February was by far one of the worst months I have ever had and I am glad to see the end of it, I am also hoping by some chance that I will be seeing the end of all February’s problems (still ignorant?)

Anyway, let’s review February shall we – spoiler alert, out of five stars it gets minus zero.

In February 2018…


I have mentioned this a lot because it has been a really big struggle for me. He went into hospital for after his condition worsened almost overnight. He is currently bedridden, is unable to care for himself and this has not only caused stress over his condition but also financial stress because we now need a caregiver or need to place him in a frail care facility (FYI, these are SO expensive).


It seems to be a hot topic at the moment because everyone is suffering to make ends meet. February was an incredibly tough for me financially and with payday having come and gone I don’t see March being much better to be honest.


My fur child has started having seizures. We are in the process of monitoring the fits and trying to see if there is something that brings them on or if it is epilepsy. My heart breaks when he goes through this and although the vet has assured me it isn’t painful for him I just want to cry when it happens.


Noticing a trend? That’s because it feels like I am drowning and there’s no way out. I know that things will get better because I am generally a positive person but my mental health has definitely taken a step back.

I don’t want to be a total negative Nancy so here are a few highlights


Some really cool people from a really cool company are doing something really cool for bloggers. Thatgirlstshirt (follow them right now) are collabing with bloggers to give us the opportunity to have our own merch and to support each other. I am really excited about this opportunity because I LOVE slogan tees and to wear one that I designed is honestly like a dream come true.


I had set some goals for Kandidly Kerry in the beginning of the year and I have crossed quite a few of them off the list. I hosted a giveaway which wasn’t even anywhere near getting onto my list because I thought that was more of a long term goal but I did it. It is time to set new goals and not be afraid to reach for the stars and keep pushing.

All in all it was a month of tears, learning curves, decisions and so much more but as usual I will take the positive out of it and remember the lessons learned.

How was your February?

P.S I will be travelling next week so the blog will be quiet but I will be updating regularly on Instagram.

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  • Chereé

    Hi, I am so looking forward to seeing your t-shirt design. February has been a crappy month all around, thanks for your post it helps to be reminded that other people also have months where everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Sometimes it feels like the universe picks on you. I hope March is a better month and enjoy your travels. Love your blog

  • Meg

    I’m so sorry that it’s been such a tough time – sounds like life is really throwing some curveballs. Sending you so much strength and love and every hope that March will hold better things in store. Xxx

  • Jonelle

    Sorry to hear that things have been so hard this year! Dealing with an ill parent must be so difficult. I think it’s especially hard when we realise that our parents aren’t immune to things going wrong. As children we see them as these giants of people and the older we get the more human they become. I hope things get better <3

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