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Fashion Hacks you Should Know

Considering I am walking around the office with my panties over my stockings and I haven’t had to pull the stockings up every few seconds I feel as though I am now qualified to do a fashion hacks post.

You know those little annoyances like loving a jersey but it makes you itch? Or not being able to wear your favourite pair of shoes in case you might need to take them off and you won’t be able to able to disguise the smell? These hacks will help with that.

I have tried most of these, and if I haven’t, my mom told me about them and she knows everything so they have to work.

Wear panties over your stockings….duh!

It only took me 28 years to do this and it is pretty much a game changer. I went from pulling my stockings up every 0.36 seconds to only having to pull them up if I make drastic movements or go to the loo.

Hairspray and ladders

Spray your stockings with hairspray to avoid ladders.

Make the shoe fit

If the shoes are snug or stiff, put them on with socks and put a hot hairdryer onto your feet for a few minutes.

Faded Jeans

Sometimes we want jeans to be faded but when you buy a nice dark pair, you want it to stay dark. To hold the colour soak the jeans in cold water with one cup of white vinegar then air dry. The smell of the vinegar should evaporate as the jeans dry.

The stanky shoe

Put a dry tea bag in each shoe and leave it overnight to absorb that stank.

Sticky situation

To unstick a zip rub a candle, a bar of soap or Vaseline on the zip teeth until you can pull it smoothly.

Get rid of static

By gliding the long side of a metal coat hanger along your clothes (this is going to be super handy for winter).

Beat the itch

Again, this is going to be helpful for winter. If you want to soften itchy sweaters then soak them in warm water with a bit of hair conditioner and then let it air dry.

I hope these are helpful and I would love to hear your hacks.

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