Do You Really Need a New Dress for that Occasion?

I am your typical “I have a thing so I need a new outfit” person. This is not because I don’t like to wear the same outfit twice but more so because I always feel there could be something better out there for me to wear, and because a new outfit always makes you feel great and who doesn’t want to feel great for an occasion?

But I have had to take a long hard look at this because my budget doesn’t allow for it and because I don’t get enough wear out of my clothes as it is, so adding more to the pile is not going to help either of those things.

So with the festive season approaching I know we have all the events coming up – office Christmas parties, end of year functions, Christmas day, New Years Eve, and everything in between so I want to ask, do you? Or I? Really need something new for every one of those events?

I answered for both of us so here are a few ways I will be shopping my own closet for all these festivities;

Call me a scientist because I will be doing all the experimentation and research.


I am forever going on about experimenting with fashion because that is how you find your style and how you come up with outfits that you would never have thought of. Most of us have our set outfits that we grab. But when you mix it up, you find a whole new closet of things to wear in your own closet.


So you bought a pink skirt and don’t know how to wear it? Type pink skirt outfit into the search bar on Pinterest and watch the magic happen. Or if you have one black dress you need to wear to three occasions, do the same, and find all the different ways to style items you already own.


This is more of a long term solution but I am working on being better at shopping for versatility and I can how it pays off when I do this. It is hard because I love prints and bold pieces but I need to set a limit on those.


When you think capsule wardrobe or versatile clothing I am pretty sure black, white and neutrals pop into mind and that’s because they are the easiest to mix and match but you don’t only have to stick to those colours. You can wear the bold colours if you stick to a specific range of colours. Pinterest can help you with this too.


Let’s be real, even the Kardashians wear the same outfit twice (not often, but they do). There is nothing wrong with wearing the same thing over and over again. You spent your hard earned money on it so you deserve to wear it as much as you want to. It’s not realistic, affordable or sustainable to buy something new for every event or occasion.

So I will be practicing some self control as we head into all the fun events and want to know if you will be too?

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  • Ashley

    This is the best sentence in your entire article, “You spent your hard earned money on it so you deserve to wear it as much as you want to.” Exactly.

    I get really upset with my favourites wear out. Or if I put on weight and don’t fit into another favourite.

    BTW: Got a giveaway going on my blog currently.

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