Dear body shaming brand

I have to start by asking what you were thinking. Did you really think that an advert where a fat cake topper cracks her wedding cake and then proceeds to fall into it while her husband grabs her arm and tries to save her from possibly the most humiliating scenario, and then stating “don’t ruin your big day” would be well received by your target market?

Being in the weight loss industry there is no possible way you can play ignorant and say you didn’t know that this would be seen as body shaming? But you probably didn’t care about that because your goal is to sell weight loss products and judging by this ad you will do whatever it takes to do that.

I know your defense is going to be that it was intended to be humerous but there is absolutely nothing funny about body shaming, about making a woman feel like her weight is “going to ruin her big day”. Very few of us will find it funny that you are using our biggest insecurities against us.

I am not very easily offended and have luckily gotten to the stage in my life where I don’t care about numbers, numbers on scales and clothing, but there are women out there who are obsessed with them. So obsessed that they suffer with very serious eating disorders. And adverts like this are a big part of the problem.

This advert didn’t make me feel like I need to lose weight, in fact, I was fat on my wedding day and trust me the last thing on my mind on the day that I was marrying my soul mate who loves me unconditionally, was my weight. Unfortunately I was one of the lucky ones though, there are many who will go to extreme measures. But what it did make me feel was angry.

Surely you should be helping women not only physically but also mentally by using your social media pages and adverts to inspire and offer advice instead of shame and target us at our most vulnerable? Weight loss is not only about appearance but you seem to think it is which makes your companies values very shallow.

Just so you know YOU might have had a hand in ruining some women’s big days by making them self-conscious about their bodies. This might make you think that the ad was a success but trust me, they won’t be using your products to change their body.


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2 thoughts on “Dear body shaming brand

  1. Body shaming has been happening to me my whole life and I hate that this happens but I can understand the Marketing process where this got approved, sadly! I have literally panicked about the idea of being fat on my wedding day (should that ever happen for me) I think they KNOW how hectic woman and weddings are I don’t think it was intended as body shaming rather at selling a product without being innovative – I am sure it was a bunch of skinny people sitting in a board room saying “Yes lets do this” to an ad that was thought up by someone who “Doesn’t understand how girls in articular are over weight cos if you are fat, just loose weight”
    I am ranting and not really making a point other than I am angry that people who no nothing about struggling with weight and body issues have the authority to make this kind of shit public.

    1. Yup, it has happened to me too which is what motivates me every day because I am so sick of it! I hear you, it was an easy target to sell the product but they didn’t think about the damage it has done to their brand because if anything, people who were considering their products might go somewhere else now. But what irks me even more is that the response to it was mostly negative and they didn’t even attempt to make it right.

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