Dear Body Shamer

I wish you would think, I wish you would think before you say something about somebody else’s appearance. I wish you would think about how deeply the words you say can hurt and impact someone else. I wish you would think about how you would feel hearing those words that are on the tip of your tongue. I wish you would imagine the anger and pain you would feel if your child looked into your eyes with tears in theirs because someone has body shamed them.

We all look in the mirror and more often than not don’t like what we see. We find the smallest things to critique. We body shame ourselves on the regular, we don’t need you to do it for us. The anorexic girl who is trying to put on weight doesn’t need to be told to eat a burger, she may be trying to put on weight. The fat girl at gym doesn’t deserve the stares or the gossip, it took all of her courage to get there. The skinny girl doesn’t deserve to constantly be told how skinny she is. The girl with cellulite doesn’t need it to be pointed out, she sees it every day. We all have a story behind us that you don’t see, we could all be on a very difficult journey that you don’t know about.

Our bodies are our grand design and we may have plans to renovate. We might already be under construction and we might not. We might be completely happy right now. Either way, our bodies right now are what we have, they’re all we have. They don’t deserve to be pulled apart or picked on.

If what I am right now is not pleasing to your eyes, if you are offended by what I am putting into MY body, if you are disgusted by the marks and scars on my body, look away and then look inside yourself, at what exactly the problem is and why someone else’s appearance bugs you so much.

Words can sting harder than any bug, they can stay with us forever, they can put us on a path of self destruction. Why would you do that to someone if you can help it? And you can help it because you have control of your tongue and your thoughts. If it’s that too hard to understand then simply think about how you would feel hearing that or think about if you would actually say it to your parents or your child. If you wouldn’t like it or wouldn’t want it to be said to you or someone you care about, don’t say it.

I hope that you can heal, you’ve probably been shamed too. So why not remove body shaming from your tongue and vocabulary so that we can stop the shaming.

Please body shamer, stop shaming anyone for their body, their colour, their size, their height, their scars. They deserve better and you can do better.

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