Day 5

The number five is actually my favourite number.

I wouldn’t call today my favourite day though, but I also wouldn’t call it my worst.

The president addressed the nation last night and I felt like he was a parent giving us the reassurance we needed. While he looks tired, he speaks in a calm tone giving us all the facts and updates that we need. He ended it off by saying “May God bless Africa and continue to protect her people” and I felt the lump in my throat.

We’ve never had much faith in our government, but one thing we can be grateful for is the way this situation is being handled by them. We are also fortunate to have been able to learn from other countries.

So day 5, I’m feeling okay. I could use a nap because I am battling to sleep at night. I could also use a working washing machine right now. Other than that, I feel calm. Not happy, not sad, not stressed, just in the middle.

My neighbor is running around his garden, I can see him through the window (kudos to him). The birds are chirping and it’s such a lovely sound. I don’t hear birds often when I’m at work, in a warehouse. I have so much light coming in through the window, I can look outside at the trees. I get visitors often (my dogs). They pop in and out, jump up for a cuddle, have a nap.

I don’t know what tomorrow, day 6, holds. But for today, I am okay.

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