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You’d have to be living under a rock to not have seen the launch of Cotton On’s Curve range. There was a lot of excitement and skepticism around the launch – would it be true to size? Would it be extended sizes on their straight range? What would pricing be like?

These were all the questions floating around and now that the range is here we have the answers. I made it my mission to buy as much of the range as I could to try on and review for you guys which you can see over on Instagram if you haven’t already.

My thoughts on the range started out quite undecided but after my second haul I was a convert. I don’t love everything and I don’t love the way everything fits me BUT the range is very much my style, the fits are pretty true to size, the quality is good and I love having this as another option, especially since it’s one of the most modern/trendy options there is.

The range started off small but is growing and hopefully gaining momentum. What blew me away most is that they are offering items that hardly any plus size retailer offers – crop tops, mom jeans, oversized denim jackets, all the things I want to wear but can never get in my size.

So let’s take a look at a few of my favourite items

I am honestly loving the dresses they are offering. That striped one is SO me (I may or may not have ordered it).

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I have two of the denim jackets and they are my absolute go-to. They fit so comfortably and will last forever.

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This is what I love most. Not many retailers offer crop tops in bigger sizes. Cotton On are giving us the option to wear a crop top which I cannot love them enough for.

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I haven’t found the perfect pair for me just yet but I am hoping that they add more options. I have tried a few pairs on and the fit is mostly good. They just weren’t exactly what I was looking for.

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Okay so the knits are quite pricey, they are also the only thing I haven’t tried YET. But if they are good quality it is worth it because good knits are hard to come by. I have ordered the rust knit and am hoping it fits well and is good quality.

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I am quite a budget shopper but I am willing to spend if I know it is something that will last me and so far I have been so impressed with the quality that I am willing to splurge on something I really want. I hope that the range continues to grow and that we start to see some big moves on what they actually offer because if anyone can include us in trends, it’s Cotton On.

Have you shopped the Cotton On Curve range? What were your thoughts?

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  • Cesca

    I mostly love this range too, though I was cautious at first… fell in love with the skinny Adriana jean, but really disappointed that the blue 16 is almost a complete size up from the black 16 – even with variations in fabric it shouldn’t be that dramatic. Hoping their returns people are kind as I took the label off assuming they’d be the same, rooky mistake!!
    But otherwise, love the shorts, rust slouch cardy (the colour is divine!) and batwing long sleeve tops x

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