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Competition/Comparison Kills Creativity

I was watching the Daily Show last night and Trevor Noah was chatting to Terry Crews about Brooklyn 99 and Deadpool 2. He mentioned Terry’s versatility as an actor – the hilarious guy on Brooklyn 99 and then the complete opposite in Deadpool 2.

Trevor described Terry as a “mold breaker” to which Terry had an amazing reply about being yourself and doing your thing and one of the things he said was “competition kills creativity”.

And then I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about it.

There are SO many articles, blog posts, discussions about competition/comparison (which I believe go hand in hand), especially in the creative industry and this is also a common topic amongst bloggers/influencers/social media peeps. I would say more than half of us compare ourselves to the competition and what we don’t realise when doing this is that we are killing our authenticity and creativity little by little.

The more you focus on the competition and what they’re doing/achieving, the more you start feeling like you need to change things up. This isn’t always a bad thing if you are pushing yourself creatively, but of course it is a bad thing when you get wrapped up in a shit storm of comparison and doubt which ends up in one of four ways;

  • You kick it up a notch, think outside the box and compete with your own ideas
  • You want to give up
  • You feel the only way to compete is to copy
  • You start losing your voice/ideas because you’re focusing too much on what the competition is doing.

I have felt all of the above since starting this blog and my Instagram account.

My goals were very clear when I put Kandidly Kerry out into the world;

  • Be real, genuine, authentic and honest
  • Speak my mind and my truth no matter what
  • Help women

I haven’t strayed from that but every now and then I get a little bee in my bonnet and think that my account is not worth a follow because there are others doing cooler or better or prettier things than I am. Why would someone come to see my fashion when my pictures are taken with my phone and someone else’s are taken with a camera against a pretty pink wall and they have better clothes and style than I do.

So what do I do? I either get inspired to push the boundaries, think about throwing in the towel, contemplate changing my colour scheme to look like someone else’s or just wallow in self-doubt.

Through all of this I am drifting from my goals and losing my voice which is actually what sets me apart from everyone else.

I am actually in competition with no one because my whole mission is to speak my truth and the only one who can do that is me. And others can relate to my truth which is why what I am doing is working for me. So why do I doubt it? Just because someone else takes better pictures than me?

And it’s the same for you, YOU are what sets you apart. Instead of letting the competition take you to that place of comparison and doubt, use it to inspire you to do better, to try new things, to push boundaries.

Flip it – Use your creativity to “kill” the competition

Photo by Charles Etoroma on Unsplash

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  • Megan

    Hey Kerry,

    Thank you for the incredible blog post! I think we all guilty of comparing ourselves sometimes. It’s just the nature of life I guess. I always remind myself that we are all on a journey, and everyone’s journey is different, so its unfair for me to compare myself to another person/blogger etc. We can celebrate where we are and make improvements in the future.

    You’re doing a great job and your pictures are amazing!

    Keep doing you,


    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      Hey Megan

      Thank you so much for reading and for the lovely comment! You are absolutely right, celebrate and improve rather than compete and compare.

  • Tayla

    Love this and I agree! So hard to not compare ourselves to others, but I find that when I’m myself (especially when it comes to blogging and instagramming) people really appreciate you for who YOU are!

    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      Thank you for reading:) And YES! I keep trying to tell myself that because I have gotten to where I am by being myself so why try change anything or compare when there is nobody to actually compare to because I am unique and what I do is unique in it’s own way.

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