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    Does it spark joy?

    It’s the question on everyone’s lips after Marie Kondo hit Netflix like a storm and changed our lives. The idea is to declutter and ask yourself those 4 simple words before deciding whether to keep something or get rid of it. Seems simple when you’re in the darkest corners of your cupboards and come across old school books but not so easy when you stop reviewing things and start reviewing life. So in collaboration with Simone from An Ordinary Gal we want to encourage you to declutter your life using Marie Kondo’s methods. I’m going to share with you what I have done to reach a place of joy I’ve…

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    May In Review

    So we are officially half way through the year and what a year it has been so far. There has been so many ups and downs jam packed into the first six months that I am scared and excited for the next six. May has been good to me, it was a month of change, some unexpected and some planned, all of which were needed and most welcome. ALL THE CHANGES I know you are probably so sick of hearing me talk about my move but it is the biggest and best thing that has happened for us in a long time. Besides that, I feel such a sense of…

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    Hello again old friend

    I have dipped my toe in the blogging pool a few times and enjoyed it each time but never quite stuck to it. I either put way too much pressure on myself and got completely sucked into the madness of the blogging world, or I got too busy and just couldn’t keep up with my blog and felt like I was disappointing my readers and gave up. There was also a stage where I was hella confused as to what to blog about and ended up just doing a shit job of it. So, if you were one of my readers before and have actually come back then welcome back and thank…

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