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    To blog or not to blog

    I am the first to admit that I am the worst blogger in the history of blogging. My inconsistency is gross, my inspiration is lacking, and my dedication is questionable. But I still can’t let go. I was having a discussion with my husband recently and I said to him that words are the way to my heart. Obviously actions are important but there is just something so great about expressing feelings and thoughts through words. I just love words okay. Which was always the reason for starting my blog. But then I started dedicating more time to Instagram which became my number one love. It still is in a…

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    Competition/Comparison Kills Creativity

    I was watching the Daily Show last night and Trevor Noah was chatting to Terry Crews about Brooklyn 99 and Deadpool 2. He mentioned Terry’s versatility as an actor – the hilarious guy on Brooklyn 99 and then the complete opposite in Deadpool 2. Trevor described Terry as a “mold breaker” to which Terry had an amazing reply about being yourself and doing your thing and one of the things he said was “competition kills creativity”. And then I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about it. There are SO many articles, blog posts, discussions about competition/comparison (which I believe go hand in hand), especially in the creative industry and…

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