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F@#k Perfect

I took longer to try and come up with a title for this post than the whole post took me to write but in the end it was actually quite simple – I am so done with trying to be perfect and f@$k it, I’m done! And this post is my declaration of that. I realised a long time ago…

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Be A Kid Again and Win

My childhood is something I think about so often, the days where something as simple as a cardboard box could keep me entertained for hours, the times where any and everything could fill me with pure joy. The carefree days as they call them. Sure, there were hard times, like when I couldn’t find my Barbie’s one shoe while Ken…

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I’m scared to have kids okay?

I often wonder what my child will look like. I think about the moment you meet your newborn for the first time, it must be surreal and magical. I try and imagine how my life would change if and when I have a mini me, but I am sure that everything I have thought of isn’t even close to how…

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