• Life

    I had plans for this lockdown

    After the shock, worry, fear and all those other emotions that followed the 21 day lockdown announcement, I put my productivity cap on and made a list of all the shit that was going to get done. Hahahaha I had plans. Plans to clean my house top to bottom, to take all the curtains off the rails and wash them, clean out every cupboard in the house. I cleaned out the fridge. I had plans to do online courses and really use this time to learn something new. I signed up but haven’t started. I know I’m not the only one. We all wanted to use this “extra time” to…

  • Life

    Day 5

    The number five is actually my favourite number. I wouldn’t call today my favourite day though, but I also wouldn’t call it my worst. The president addressed the nation last night and I felt like he was a parent giving us the reassurance we needed. While he looks tired, he speaks in a calm tone giving us all the facts and updates that we need. He ended it off by saying “May God bless Africa and continue to protect her people” and I felt the lump in my throat. We’ve never had much faith in our government, but one thing we can be grateful for is the way this situation…

  • Life

    My Washing Machine is on Lockdown too

    As of this morning, day 2 of 21 in lockdown, I don’t have a working washing machine. Yes, I threw a tantrum and yes, we tried to fix it, but I think we need a new part. The irony is that just before lockdown I saw a woman on Facebook, we’ll call her Susan, complaining about the laundromat not being open during lockdown and I thought, “there’s bigger things to worry about and you can just stomp your clothes if need be”. Well now I wish I could go to the laundromat. And I will have to stomp. On the list of things you don’t want to break during a…

  • Life

    We’re on Kandidly Kerry 5.0 now I think

    Funny story, at the beginning of the month I messaged my blog hostess with the mostess, Lizna, to shut this show down. I hadn’t written in months, I hadn’t visited it in months, and it was like this thing over my head. Cue the lockdown. The revival is obviously because I’m having a lockdown crisis. I felt the need to write the whole day. I wanted to start a new project. I contemplated starting the newsletter I’ve been speaking about or even starting fresh with a completely new blog and name (told you, complete meltdown happening over here). But eventually at 5.50pm on this Friday evening, day 1 of lockdown,…

  • Life,  Self

    How much inspiration is too much?

    Let me start off by saying I am one of those people who constantly look for inspiration. I read and share the quotes, I scroll through Pinterest, I gravitate towards self-help books and I am a total sucker for an inspirational real life story. I have been in a bit of a funk recently, I’ve had no desire to write or do anything other than what is absolutely necessary. The creative juice is nonexistent and I feel flat. The thing is, I know part of the reason for feeling flat is because I haven’t been doing much so that has been quite a cycle to navigate. So I turned to…

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