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    Do You Really Need a New Dress for that Occasion?

    I am your typical “I have a thing so I need a new outfit” person. This is not because I don’t like to wear the same outfit twice but more so because I always feel there could be something better out there for me to wear, and because a new outfit always makes you feel great and who doesn’t want to feel great for an occasion? But I have had to take a long hard look at this because my budget doesn’t allow for it and because I don’t get enough wear out of my clothes as it is, so adding more to the pile is not going to help…

  • Fashion

    Currently trending with Kerry – low block heels

    Hands up if you have finished Stranger Things 3??? This season made me want to throw out everything in my closet and start again with super retro 80s fashion because I was living for their outfits throughout the season. Then I noticed that these block heels are on trend and some of the pairs really remind me of the shoes our moms used to wear. So they’re perfect for the new look I am aspiring towards. That cream pair is so old school and I effing love it. Cotton On have a wide variety of low block heels. Obviously I have to share the more affordable options with you. That…

  • Fashion

    I chat to the Superbalist Womenswear Buyer

    Following the launch of the Superbalist label I got the opportunity to chat to the Superbalist Womenswear buyer, Hildegarde Human. It was my chance to ask all those burning questions we have about buying fashion because who doesn’t want to know all about buying clothes professionally right? I included some of your most popular questions and I asked what we, as consumers, need to be doing to get the stuff we want online, the answer is below. How do you buy for the different age groups? Young vs old?  Our products are selected based on the customer profiles that we have and the established brands on offer. Together with the…

  • Fashion

    Currently Trending with Kerry – Cotton On Curve

    You’d have to be living under a rock to not have seen the launch of Cotton On’s Curve range. There was a lot of excitement and skepticism around the launch – would it be true to size? Would it be extended sizes on their straight range? What would pricing be like? These were all the questions floating around and now that the range is here we have the answers. I made it my mission to buy as much of the range as I could to try on and review for you guys which you can see over on Instagram if you haven’t already. My thoughts on the range started out…

  • Body,  Fashion

    The New Rules of Plus Size Dressing

    Spoiler: There aren’t any! Us fuller figured woman are no longer restricted to what we should, could and would wear. Body positivity, fat acceptance and plus size fashion movements are helping to break all the boxes we used to have to tick when dressing our bodies. I have said it so many times before but I will say it again. Fashion guidelines and advice is great. Fashion rules have no place in my world because nobody can tell me what to put my body in. So here is what I think about those rules Stick to black because you’re fat We should stick to black because it’s slimming right? WRONG.…

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