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My body, My business

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to design my very own tee shirt with Thatgirlstore. I wanted to make this opportunity count and use it to continue spreading a message that I feel so strongly about. For more than half of my life I struggled with body issues which made me deeply unhappy and led to me resorting…

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Fashion Hacks you Should Know

Considering I am walking around the office with my panties over my stockings and I haven’t had to pull the stockings up every few seconds I feel as though I am now qualified to do a fashion hacks post. You know those little annoyances like loving a jersey but it makes you itch? Or not being able to wear your…

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Plus Size Shopping: Spree

I have this vision of being your plus size go-to girl. I want to be the one you think of when you need a splash of body positivity, the one who you ask for suggestions on where to shop for an event or recommendations on where to buy particular clothing. I wrote a post on where I shop plus size…

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