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    Dear Body Shamer

    I wish you would think, I wish you would think before you say something about somebody else’s appearance. I wish you would think about how deeply the words you say can hurt and impact someone else. I wish you would think about how you would feel hearing those words that are on the tip of your tongue. I wish you would imagine the anger and pain you would feel if your child looked into your eyes with tears in theirs because someone has body shamed them. We all look in the mirror and more often than not don’t like what we see. We find the smallest things to critique. We…

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    You ARE beach body ready

    Have you seen it yet? All the magazines with advice on how to get a summer body. Have you heard it yet? All the talk around the office of what diets will be starting when to get that bikini body. Have you been sucked into it? Are you dreading the sun coming out to play because you feel like your body isn’t ready or isn’t entitled to join in on the fun? I remember this so well, I mean, it was the way I have felt my entire life so it’s not something I’ll forget easily. I spent my summers indoors as far as I could and when I was…

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    How we can Help our Children with Confidence

    I am no expert and I’m not a parent but what I do know is that the stats are scary – more than half of our younger generation (girls and boys) suffer with low self-esteem and a negative body image. And what was clear from the Dove Self Esteem project event I attended is that they need our help. We, as the ones who have been through changing bodies, bullies and low self-esteem need to step up and do whatever we can to build them up. I want you to take a moment to think about this; How you felt in your teens (before the likes of social media and…

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    Just because you don’t like your body doesn’t mean I can’t like mine

    I have been thinking a lot about body shaming and bullying and it is a proven fact that a lot of the time we project our own insecurities onto others – so in the case of body shaming, a personal, internal struggle with one’s own body will be directed at someone else, but that someone else is not the one with the problem. It used to upset me when I was in the presence of someone who was considerably smaller than me and they would talk about how fat they are because my first thought was always “if she thinks she’s fat, what does she think of me?” but I have…

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    Is my body positivity an excuse for being unhealthy?

    This is a topic that is always flying around and everyone has their own opinion about whether or not body positivity actually promotes an unhealthy lifestyle because it is an “excuse” being labelled as a movement. I thought I would touch on this from my point of view and my journey (mine only). This is not to say that anyone on their own journeys, whatever they might be, is right or wrong because our journeys are personal, and that’s kind of the point of this post. It is no secret that I have lost and gained and lost and gained a lot of weight. I have tried everything, I have…

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