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Be A Kid Again and Win

My childhood is something I think about so often, the days where something as simple as a cardboard box could keep me entertained for hours, the times where any and everything could fill me with pure joy. The carefree days as they call them.

Sure, there were hard times, like when I couldn’t find my Barbie’s one shoe while Ken was waiting for her to go on their date or when my baby doll just wouldn’t go to sleep so that I could go and mark my own tests and do some work on my calculator, but what I would give to go back to a time where my biggest problem was where to put the furniture in my Barbie’s house.

Travelstart have started an amazing campaign that encourages us all to be a kid again. What being a kid again means to me is finding joy in the simple things. Having those moments where you feel happiness in every fibre of your being, where nothing can bring you down from that “pure happiness high”.

A great way to start is to just remember what made you so happy and realise how little it took. So this is me remembering those things;

Catching teddy bears out of those machines

The serious planning and setting that claw up just right, the anticipation when you push that little red button. Come to think of it, this is a form of child gambling but it was so much fun and because my mom was really good at it, I had a ton of teddies.

My bond with my Barbie’s

When I say my Barbie’s were my world, I mean it. They were my best friends, the sisters I never had and my guinea pigs for “experimenting with fashion and hairstyles”. All I needed were my Barbie’s and I would have fun all day.

Discovering the magic of books

Like my Barbie’s, books got me through everything. It wasn’t just the reading though, it was everything, the smell, the feeling of being surrounded by books, the covers, the feelings involved before, during and after reading a book. I learnt a lot from books and I have been on the wildest trips in my imagination. I clearly remember how much I used to look forward to lunch breaks at school so I could go into the library, sometimes not even to read, but just to explore the shelves of books. There is something so magical about a book and luckily this is one way where I still find as much, if not more joy.

Now it’s your turn to be a kid again.

Participate in the Travelstart Paper Jet Challenge and you can win Travelstart flight vouchers to the value of R1000, a Ryze Tello Minidrone or the grand prize of a holiday package to Zanzibar worth R25 000.

All you have to do to win is;

  • Download the paper jet stencil here or make your own
  • Make a video of your paper jet in flight (the more creative, the better)
  • Post your video to social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), tag Travelstart and #beakidagain in your video
  • Challenge 3 friends to participate in the challenge
  • Winners will be announced on the Travelstart Facebook page

I encourage you to enter because not only do the prizes sound fun but making that paper jet will take you right back and if you have kids you can teach them what we used to do in “the old days”

If that Zanzibar holiday sounds like a great idea but you’re not a “frequent paper jet flyer” then take a look at the cheap flights to Zanzibar that Travelstart have on offer and book a trip and make some amazing memories.

Zanzibar is a unique paradise. Beyond the dreamy turquoise and raw coconut coastlines and delectable cinnamon-vanilla aromatics, it is a place of dazzling colour, spellbinding culture, and bewitching soul. I am pretty sure a trip to Zanzibar would be equally as exciting as watching those teddies drop into the bucket (which if you don’t know, is the most exciting thing ever!)

*This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart.

*Giveaway terms and conditions are listed here

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