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    The Habits of Women with Healthy Body Image

    Believe it or not, the answer to healthy body image is not found on the internet being endorsed by a celebrity. It is not a once off task that you complete and then forget about. And it doesn’t come from sucking on a weight loss sucker. There is no quick fix. It took me years of self destruction to realise that a healthy body image isn’t something that just happens and when it does happen, it doesn’t always stay for very long. It takes works and a lot more than a two week diet stint One of the things that has helped me with my body image is forming habits.…

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    The New Rules of Plus Size Dressing

    Spoiler: There aren’t any! Us fuller figured woman are no longer restricted to what we should, could and would wear. Body positivity, fat acceptance and plus size fashion movements are helping to break all the boxes we used to have to tick when dressing our bodies. I have said it so many times before but I will say it again. Fashion guidelines and advice is great. Fashion rules have no place in my world because nobody can tell me what to put my body in. So here is what I think about those rules Stick to black because you’re fat We should stick to black because it’s slimming right? WRONG.…

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    Currently Trending with Kerry – Teddy jackets

    Welcome to a new series on the blog – Currently trending with Kerry (a big thank you to Simone from anordinarygal who came up with the name). I will be discussing new trends, where to find them, how to wear them and share some inspo with you. Keen? Let’s jump right in. This is a trend I can get behind for winter – not only is it practical for the season but it looks hella cool. Who doesn’t wanna look like a warm teddy in winter? So the teddy coat actually made some appearances in 2016 but has come into full trend for 2019. It’s so on-trend that it was…

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    The Life Changing Magic of putting my phone down

    Maybe a bit of an exaggeration with that title but I’ve got your attention now right? Let me start by saying that I am a social media addict. I spend hours online aimlessly scrolling. Taking in loads of information – sometimes helpful and inspiring and sometimes useless. Either way, it is hours of time spent on something that I enjoy, sure. But what about the other things I enjoy? And what about real life? One Sunday afternoon, it was a day like any other. Sunny outside, the kind of winter sun that gives you the chills because it just feels so good when it hits your skin. Dressed in my…

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    Hacks for buying plus size clothing online

    Shopping online is daunting for most of us, but I think more so when you’re plus size because fit is always a worry. It’s not only about whether or not the item is going to fit but HOW it is going to fit. And speaking from personal experience my regular size isn’t always my size because of how I prefer different items to fit. So combine our anxiety over fits and the price we pay for our clothes and we naturally prefer to shop in store BUT online is the way of the future and many of the best shops are online only such as Superbalist which is a great…

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