• Life

    March in Review

    This is a bit late considering we are already past the first week of April but I feel like I can’t let the team down by not doing my month in review so here goes. The year has sort of run away with me and even though I feel like I have achieved a lot so far, there is still so much more I want to do. KERRY TAKES HONG KONG You know this already but there is so much more to be said about it. It was exhausting and the most stressful trip I have been on for work reasons, but it was a good trip for personal reasons.…

  • Body

    How to Start Practicing Body Positivity

    My journey started by following the body positivity movement and from this I learnt a few ways to really start appreciating my body. By making a conscious effort to start embracing myself I got to the place that I am now – which is feeling comfortable in my own skin, not looking at my body with absolute disgust, feeling more free than I ever have and finally learning to live my life confidently. I can’t promise that everyone will accept you or that this journey will be easy, but I can promise that practicing body positivity is worth it and it will help your self-love increase by leaps and bounds.…

  • Body,  Fashion

    Eff the fashion rules

    The only thing that gets me more annoyed than body shaming is fashion rules. Especially when they are rules that apply to size. You know the ones I’m talking about – “don’t wear skinny jeans because girl, yo fat ass don’t belong in them”, or “stay away from stripes because they hate you”. Here is my biggest problem with the rules – I know my body like nobody else does, I also know what I am comfortable and feel good in so those “one size fits all” rules are rubbish because I actually look good in stripes and my ass looks great in a pair of jeans. By all means,…

  • Life

    February in review

    I don’t even know where to start this post because I had such a positive start to the year and I thought the tone had been set but that was ignorant wasn’t it? Because realistically life is never smooth sailing. February was by far one of the worst months I have ever had and I am glad to see the end of it, I am also hoping by some chance that I will be seeing the end of all February’s problems (still ignorant?) Anyway, let’s review February shall we – spoiler alert, out of five stars it gets minus zero. In February 2018… MY DADS HEALTH TOOK A DIVE I…

  • Fashion

    My tips for wearing sneakers with a dress

    If you follow me on Instagram you will know that my uniform is basically a dress (my new found love) and sneakers (my all-time fave) and while this combo isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it is pretty much the foundation of my personal style. I had a few requests to give you some tips on how to pair the two because it can be quite a step out of the comfort zone and I totally get that but trust me, if you step out that zone you will know the true meaning of comfort. I had to think quite hard about these tips because I honestly never gave it much thought, I…

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