adulting things I suck at

The title of this post is so juvenile but also so suitable for what I’m about to say.

Sometimes, when the dishes are piled up in the sink, the washing basket is full and it’s the last week of the month and the cupboards are looking bare, I feel like stomping my feet and going to sulk in my room because adulting is hard.

I learnt about Close Corporations and who did what in 1802 at school but I never did learn how to get it right as an adult. How to manage my time so that I have enough to do everything that needs to be done and pay attention to my husband and child (in my case it’s just a fur child, how do human parents do it?) and find time to relax, catch up on the Bachelor and shave my legs.

I often get so overwhelmed because of time and because of my future and how much still needs to be done and because I can never keep the damn house clean.

There are a lot of things I am good at but there are a lot of things I totally suck at, so many, I can actually make a list for this blog post.


Seriously, how do you keep your house clean, washing and ironing up to date and the sink empty? I can spend a Saturday morning cleaning and by Sunday morning I have to do it all again. And there are only two humans, one dog and one cat in the house. My husband and I aren’t the neatest people in the world but still, it just never ends. I am that person who has to apologise when someone pops in and I really wish I wasn’t, but I am.


I hate admin-y things. I got married nearly three years ago and haven’t gone to get my new ID. Anything that requires a lot of effort that can be put off, gets put off.


I can’t get a handle on it. Too many expenses and not enough cash money to go around. I make a budget every month but somehow, right after payday, the “left over” amount (yes, that is the actual terminology on my budget) is significantly less than the budget says it should be. I also like clothes.


I am the actual worst when it comes to making big decisions. I can’t even decide what to have at a restaurant (FYI – I always make the wrong choice and have food envy) so how am I supposed to make grown up decisions like which company should have control over my stuff when I peg?

This is what I can think of now but I guarantee you that tonight while trying to fold a fitted sheet I will remember a whole lot more and if I do, I’ll do a part two.

What things do you suck at? Or totally hate?

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  • Jonelle

    It’s weird, I love cleaning (I’m odd) and yet my house is never bloody clean. I vacuum several times a week but with two black dogs there are permanent fur balls blowing around. I hate it. Also, it’s not you, it’s the bloody economy. There is not enough money in my life on a good month.

    • Kerryberry9

      I wouldn’t say I enjoy cleaning but I enjoy the feeling of a clean home so I really do try. It just never works. WHY???????????
      Yussss, every month is getting harder and harder to stay afloat, it’s scary really.
      Thanks for the comment darling. xx

  • Marshe

    Can totally relate, the same setup at our place including fur baby… No time to do anything, get home at just before 7 pm, walk / play with our dog eat supper – we eat supper at 9!

  • Simone Cameron

    LMAO…I’m also the person that has to apologise…even before you get into my house. I currently have 2 broken windows wrapped up in tape…thanks kids! So as we walk into the house I apologise for the broken windows, then the grand show case inside my house. I wrote a post last year sometime about my circus and my monkeys and how you should NEVER pop in unannounced. Even announced doesn’t guarantee that my house is fit for human visitation.

    BUt ya, pretty much everything else on your list too!!!

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